Saturday, September 20, 2008

and maybe that's all that we need is to meet in the middle of impossibility

I spent the evening talking for hours and hours with my friend. Our talks were focused on our friendship, one that has spanned 25 years. We talked about our issues- the very real ones that we do have. The ones we may want to ignore bc sometimes the history you have with a person can try and be sneaky & trump or hide anything that is wrong.

I realized something in my garden as twilight came and passed- I realized that relationships are constantly in flux and it is our duty to touch base with those we love and inquire about balance every now and then. Women's friendships turn round on the same principal as a marriage- they need tending and attention.

Friendships as we become older though need to be able to be given the opportunity to change and shift without failing too. There are not level playing fields really anymore between me and the handful of women I love like mad. Everyone is so different and in such polar places, but the middle is the matter. The crux of it is what first brought me to love this girl. This perfectly lovely curly haired girl who only had the economical crayon pack while I had the spoiled 64 box big boy and we would share and she wore unicorn sparkly shirts and the world was so easy then. The crux of it is
gooey and full of adoration and bliss and I am thankful it is always going to be there even with garden nights full of tears and beers.

Tell yr friends you love them today.
Ask them if things are OK.
Find out if you are in balance.
Be more aware and you will feel
that the space around yr heart stretch.

Image via Jessica Gonacha

and that little doll Martha is having a GET YR BLOG NOTICED contest. Hmmm. I would love her to notice my blog or my shop. I would turn cartwheels naked in the garden! xoxoxo


Margot said...

Nice post, Amy. Again I was thinking about this today and then you write about it :) (Like with the dance-with-a-flower-in-your-hair thing) I had a nice talk with my friend about (our) friendship and am going to talk to another friend too. Although we only know eachother for a year, we talk about it a lot because of our different cultural backgrounds (we're all from different continents). Friendship is not the same everywhere, but in the end it is, it's universal. That's nice.

Liz said...

It's in the air, isn't it? The urge to hold ours close and tell them we love them. You said it beautifully.

Anonymous said...

You always post such beautiful things that make me think.

It's funny, last night my best friend of 20 years was over last night for a drink and I was musing along these same lines after she left. I cannot articulate the thoughts in the poetic way that you do, but just the thought that we are actually vey different people, and it surprises me that we are able to maintain such a close relationship after all these years.

Anyway - love your words, as usual.

jenB said...

That was lovely and I cried, the end.

Also, you are lovely. I believe my friends who I met and know through the blog or from the innernets somewhere also need tending. Some of them (lets say me) are sensitive and need to know you care and think of them once in a while.

So, I do care. :-)

Headless Mom said...

Like you said, I'm telling a friend Hello! and I appreciate you!

Even though the miles are many I am thrilled to sit with you daily. Wanna share a cup of coffee?

Joslyn said...

perfect reminder. thank you my friend.


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