Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And when you find me there you'll search no more

Sometimes I only skim Gourmet magazine. I finger the shiny paper and lust a bit at the foods. I flip through it and then place it back on the giant pile of periodicals that live in my hallway. I do love the magazine but between a grocery budget that is more peasant than gourmet and little time I am often just saving recipes and passing the mags on to someone else. This month though is fabulous! I had time to read it from cover to cover while sitting in my parents big ass Lazy Boy chair. (Oh my god those chairs would turn me into a sloth!)

There was a simple picnic article about using layered meals in glass containers for yr picnic and I just loved it! How chic? How simple and portable? I am planning a little picnic this weekend for the boys and we are going to try and recreate Gourmet's gorgeous picnic!
One of the recipes I loved is here.

The magazine also had a terrific article on beekeeping that was beautifully written. Photo via Gourmet magazine...

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Sizzle said...

What a smart idea for a picnic!

Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

This made me giggle because a few years ago, I subscribed to Gourmet magazine after hearing about it on The Food Network. I'd never actually seen the magazine. When it arrived, I was in awe of the gorgeous photography and fancy words, but never got the courage to try any of the very complicated recipes!

avesta said...

That's why my blog has tasty and impressive recipes that anyone could make with simple ingredients but tons of flavor! Some of the recipes in Gourmet scare me and I'm a trained chef! :)


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