Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I looked to the children, I drank from the fountain

Won't ya please go check out the new fabulous BLOGNOSH magazine!!!!
It rocks and I am a lucky little girl bc I get to be an education channel editor!
So send me cool education posts from you or around the web!!!!
amytsharp (at) gmail (dot) com
BlogNosh is cool bc it promotes blogs and you can go there and find interesting posts from all over the web in areas that interest you most!
Go check it out now

Get me delivered to yr email xo


robin ann mcintosh said...

congrats : ) off to check it out.

Amy said...

I love that song!! The Indigo Girls rock. If you ever get the chance, you have to see them live... So much fun!

Amy @

Anonymous said...

Finally, I know the source of one of your songs. Hooray!

Checked out blognosh and I love it! As a teacher who now works in educational publishing I am with kids all the time! (One through up in my office beanbag today.) Will keep my eyes peeled for education posts?!

Anonymous said...

*Is checking it out right now*

Thanks for sharing and congrats! :)


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