Saturday, June 21, 2008

Go to him now, he calls you/ you can't refuse

Walking at the farmers market Finn hears him from a block away.
Bob Dylan is here mom!!!!
Of course my camera ran out of juice and I only got a snippet, but I got that first snippet of Finn giving to the arts. Finn has pocket money for the market each week and he normally and wisely buys a sweet treat from the bakery, but today he wanted to give his money to Dylan. (He really thought it was Dylan and no amount of reasoning would fly)

I told him sure. Go for it, it will feel good.
Joe and I used to buy art even when we were poor bc we knew that it would always make us feel rich. I also like to give money to those brave artist who sing out loud for us all. I have tossed coinage all over the world in guitar boxes and I hope that Finn continues to do so. I hope he becomes a missionary of artistic evangelism and I feel so lucky that I was there for that first toss- that moment that welled up in a small boys soul.

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Anonymous said...

What a great post!

Our Crooked Tree said...

I just love reading about your daily adventures and inspiration. You guys rock!

TZT said...

That is so, so sweet. And amen to art and music making our lives rich!

karey m. said...

i love that boy. and all the lessons your life teaches him...

Joslyn said...

i'm with raise a "finn" you have to be a pretty rockin mom.

nice job lady.

Alix said...

being an ex busker I always give a few coins if I like what I hear. Ruben, my son, is used to this. Mid january, leaving the tube, we heard a guitarist. Ruben requested a coin but I really didn't have a penny. Except I had two chocolate coins Ruben had saved from his Christmas stocking for the journey. he decided to give them to the busker. The musician gave a big smile, so I hope he understood that it was equivalent to me giving him a £20 note.


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