Monday, June 23, 2008

Death came and hung her coat

In my novel there is a bit of Virginia Woolf. She is woven in and out a bit and I have been day dreaming about her. I want desperately to visit her estate in Sussex owned by the national trust this year. If we don't sell this other home then Joe will go alone to England this Fall, but if we do mama is so taking a train by herself to Sussex!!!!

I want to walk along the river Ouse and let my mind wander. I want to find that small particle I am still looking for, that thread that catches and straps the book together a bit better. I am searching here in Ohio, but I feel like I could discover more there. I think about TS Eliot and the Bloomsbury group and how I always thought I might have made a good beatnik, but now rather think about how I would have made a good Bloomsgal. I love reading about the English collective of modern thought. I love watching films and documentaries. I like the way they dressed.

I had the pleasure of knowing a woman for a little while in Athens, Ohio who was a Woolf scholar and at that precise moment in my formative brain molding, I did not get it all. I was uncertain why someone would want to dive so deep into Woolf.

I am starting to get it now. My mind grew and unfolded and every time I read Woolf now I see that spark in that scholars eyes-
I feel that spark in my own eye.

It flickers like a beacon to other women artists.
It shines.

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I can't find my blog said...

That's kinda how I feel about my whole college experience.

We were talking at dinner the other night about my Chauser class and how I wish that I had gotten more out of it- the language and the characters intrigue me more now than they ever did.

Musta been the beer.

Unknown said...

I feel lots of kinship with this post, with Woolf and her uniqueness.

I love when you post about your writing.

I hope you do get to go to her estate.

Momo Fali said...

I think you could pick yourself up and fit effortlessly into any era!

There are so many wonderful things I "missed" while in college. In my humble opinion, you have to live a little (and lose a lot) to really appreciate the beautiful things.

Joslyn said...

i'm with headless mom...i wish i could do college all over now...i would get so much more out of it. regret...

Alix said...

I do hope you make your pilgrimage


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