Sunday, April 20, 2008

Well it aint no use to sit and wonder why babe

Dude. Finn can finally do manual labor.
Last year he would not have been able to do all this grunt work with me. We were outside at 8:30am making up for the fact we turned our backs to the landscaping and yard during the Fall. It is not perfect and will need to be finished next week bc I have had my fill of giant home improvement stores for the week. Finn announced mid mulch that he thinks he made the wrong choice today. He thought I tricked him into choosing mulch work over hanging out in the house with dad and Blaise by telling him it was so much fun to mulch.
"It is as much fun as the park!"
Tricky mummy.
Finn and Joe are now mowing at the other house and we hope to be done with all this work soon. I see a lot of neighbors working in their lawns daily-me-not so much. I think about ordering 2 tons of pea gravel from Joe's rock buddy and calling the whole thing off. Me and Finn could get rakes and wear robes and bliss out in a front yard Zen garden. We could.


village mama said...

'tricky mummy', love it!

Jodi said...

Did you really tell him that "It is as much fun as the park!" LOL!

Tricky for sure!


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