Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sometime from now you'll bow to pressure/some things in life you cannot measure by degrees

Things that suck:
I did not get into Poetry Reading for festival
I will be paying off my gas bill until September
My dad lost a good friend yesterday
Blaise climbs and falls off things hourly
I am being buried in clutter at my home
I cut my toes badly on carpet tacking
Tried on shorts today and am still dealing with my thass

Things that do not suck:
I am going to see Bossy tonight
I have a query with a mag that is alive they say
I met a cool lady yesterday/local blogger
I blended ginger and honey in such a precious way today
My boys love to play outside
Hollaback Girl is on the radio

How bout you?


village mama said...

sorry your heart/soul hurt re: poetry festival. their h-u-g-e oversight. duh to them! their exclusivity sucks.

how about you and your wee ones produce a poetry festival in your own yard? invite the neighbours, everyone can read poems, drink beer, rejoice the written and spoken word.

you are so joyous Amy. XO

vincent said...

Sorry about the poetry reading, it must mean there is something bigger coming along... Actually I got on here today, having a little one who REFUSES a nap today, a tremendous sinus/bronchitis/whatever it is going on, generally feeling like you know... But I like you always have the plus things too. Have fun tonight! Sorry about your dads friend also. Since my dad died, I am not real good with the dying thing myself... Everyday I look across the street and watch our neighbors son emptying his house looking so sad, and it makes me cry inside...

Dawn said...

Well, sucks to the poetry reading anyway. At least you tried and you and I both know that is HUGE because trying is HARD. It used to be that every Monday Larry's had open mic nights. I don't know if they still do but if they do, let's hit it sometime.

blackbird said...

Okay. Those are the best little legs in the world.

JessTrev said...

sorry bout poetry reading, yay for mag lead and bossy!

sux: crazy strange non-headache today where my vision went all blurry for a couple hours? like am i having a stroke bad?

not sucking: my baby girl is now FIVE! busting out my sewing machine and working those 8th grade skillz to make her a present. unbelievably warm sunny and tulip+cherry blossom filled perfection outside... take care of yourself, creative mama

Erika said...

I like village mama's idea- you should totally do your own festival! Your boys are the cutest dirt magnets evah!

Angie McCullagh said...

Oh, I love Hollaback Girl! Go Gwen. And Go Bossy. Glad you had fun. You're braver than I with the karaoke.


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