Friday, March 28, 2008

Love was such an easy game to play

Finn is definitely focused on the here and now. That is what can help a parent to enjoy the day- the gently nudge from a child to remember that today is here ..NOW! And we ought to be present. BUT!!! There are so many questions about today/tomorrow/yesterday. He is having struggles with concepts of time. The ego as it looms large at this age can relate to time in relation to the self. He loves to hear stories of the past that include him and he likes to "plan" his day. But he sure gets confused by the days of the week and when exactly tomorrow comes. If I use the word later- oh my..when is later? And sometimes yesterday really is too far away. I am trying to find a simple daily practice to help him with the days of the week and time.

It is pre math I suppose, in the simplest form.

We made three posters labeled with today/tomorrow/yesterday and filled them out as we had a lounge floor breakfast. We labeled all the things we did and are doing and will do. We cut out images from magazines and identified letters and chatted while we created. They are hanging in the playroom now. As you work on a lesson like this you can also start to introduce sequence words like first/next/before/after/then as another little lesson.


village mama said...

great posters!

Jodi said...

Great idea! You always have such fabulous ideas!

BTW I love that he's hanging out in his Buzz Lightyear costume!

Momo Fali said...

You are the BEST Mom ever!

My son is almost six and he knows his days of the week, but when talking about something which happened yesterday, he will always say, "Remember last year?"

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful, Amy!

Anonymous said...

When we were at this stage with our kids, we learned to speak in terms of "sleeps." Tomorrow is one "sleep" away or 2 "sleeps" if you include the nap. How many times they had to sleep was a concrete way of thinking of the future. They now know the days of the week and have a better, allbeit not perfect grasp, of past, present and future, but sometimes we still fall back on counting our "sleeps" until something special is supposed to happen.


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