Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just let my love throw a spark

Seems like a moment ago
My very best days have followed
xo Happy Day Dear Joe


village mama said...

What a happy day for you two; remembering and dreaming ahead.

Happy Anniversary Amy and Joe - you total hot babes!

vincent said...

How beautiful... In todays world, so often full of stife, it is such a great thing to have such happiness abound... Happy Anniversary!!!

Amy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Beautiful photos.

Super Zoe said...

Love the photos! You look very happy and RELAXED! I am fatigued from people asking me if I am nervous or stressed. How about happy?!

Just what I needed with a week to go!

susiej said...

I love this... Happy Anniversary? What church? Looks suspciously familiar.

amy t sharp said...

Thanks guys!
We were married in Galbraith Chapel on the Ohio University Green :)

BipolarLawyerCook said...

Happy happy happy anniversary!

Patois said...

How very sweet: the words and the photos. Congrats!


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