Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'll kiss you on the brain in the shadow of the train

I am going to church on Easter Sunday. The roof might fall in.
We are headed down to my mom's church and then have a country Easter Egg Hunt and some dinner out with the whole family. I am actually looking forward to it. I love an egg hunt. I like to dress up occasionally and I get to hang out with my Grandmother. She has given me carte blanche on her sun porch items. She says I can go gather some furniture I have been wanting for a long time. She says she has some old buttons and vintage fabric for me. Finn is taking home my fathers wooden bed he slept on as a child to have as his bed. I am so excited.
Finn was concerned about making sure we have pancakes at his grandparents house. We decided to make some half whole wheat pancake mix to take as a gift. No offence to my lovely mom, but she brought Jiffy Mix to my house the last time she stayed and that stuff has trans fat in it and the name has always disturbed me. We used an old peanut container and made a simple dry mix. Finn made labels and named the mix.
Finnian's Easter Egg Pancake Mix
It was fun.
I also met Momo-fali for coffee today and it was terrific. We had a great time. She is v. cool and has super shiny hair. We might go and meet Bossy for a drink.


Momo Fali said...

It was so great! Your kids are precious and you're a doll! Bossy, here we come! (I hope.)

Amy said...

Oh yes, my little one will tell you that pancakes are very important. It is what she has requested for her birthday dinner tonight.

Anonymous said...

Super jealous!!!

And another awesome craft Amy!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds really fun. Love an Easter egg hunt! And enjoy your Grammy as I'm sure you do! Happy Happy Easter to you!


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