Tuesday, March 4, 2008

But everybody wants a rock/To wind a piece of string around

Today is obviously an exciting day in Ohio. I am experiencing major stomach twisting nervous energy over the political landscape here. I am also doing bills. I think that the bills are twisting my stomach more than anything really. I left a really great career to write a novel. I chose to stay at home with my kids. I am married to a man who works for himself. I bought a house to renovate and made a decision to have two mortgages in this insane market. I can rationalize it all neat and pretty...But it sucks a little bit right now.
I am working on visualizing the future. I am peeling away the depression and funky funky layers that cloud my vision and I can sorta make out a picture of smiling carefree folks in the sun. I can sorta see myself shopping at Whole Foo
ds again and venturing into the world. If I squint very hard I can see my son in a amazing two day a week preschool. I can see museum membership card corners sticking out of my pocket. I think I can also see Nordstrom. I can definitely see a slice of a day where I don't snap at Joe because he isn't bringing home enough. I can see him exhale. I can. I can.
For now though, I am working on what I can do. On Sk-rt I found a couple great articles about food and finances. I like this one and I am going to make some of the recipes on this one.
I like reading about how other people pull stuff together and save money. My pal Susana always does a great job with her money saving kitchen skills. I am always looking.
And lately always squinting.


Our Crooked Tree said...

All your scarifices will pay off in the end. I too am getting crows feet from squinting but this too shall pass.

amy turn sharp said...

thanks! I am so glad you commented as I have been wanting to add yr blog to my reader and was having trouble remembering yr URL :) yahoo xo
thanks for the good words

village mama said...

Blushing. Thank you for the honour.

Money, bills, not-enough-cash-stress, argh. You and Joe have enourmous cojones [gigantic infact] for taking on two mortgages; I respect your dreams and courage IMMENSELY.

Anonymous said...

I'm in Ohio too... I feel your pain! We have an amazing preschool 2 minutes from our home but the cost is just astronomical. *sigh*

Dawn said...

Hey, your title tells me that you need to meet my friend who lives in our neighborhood (the other quadrant opposite of ours though): http://www.rocktowindastringaround.com

amy turn sharp said...

cool beans Dawn! I was cracking up today thinking about yr daughters comments about her doll!

Anonymous said...

Ha - like the TMBG reference! I saw your comment on my Poem in your Pocket post at Sk-rt... if you do post lesson plans (or anything poetry related), do email me so I can include the link(s) in the carnival!


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