Thursday, February 7, 2008

It's easy to remember/remember my love that way

I wanted to share some birthday ideas. A few of my pals are having first birthdays for their wee one coming up soon and I love to hear about all the planning. I was insane with the planning of Finnian's first birthday. It was a spring fiesta full of paper flowers, sunshine, Mexican food, cerveza for the big ones, music, ungodly amounts of decor, and of course two traditions:
(Question to self...Why with the second child did the massive extravaganza whittle down to a small party?) I think I am more tired :)
1. We snapped a photo in the yard of Finn in a funky button up shirt that belonged to Joe. He sat there in a puddle of fabric and we all laughed. I had seen the idea in a magazine with a woman and her daughter and a vintage dress. It was amazing to see her daughter grow into the dress. We have been doing this with Finn and I think I will post the four shots on his birthday in April so you can see. Please steal this idea...I did.
2. Our dear artist pal made us a canvas for all guests of the party to sign for Finn. It is called a future wish board and we just love that it has hung in his rooms since that day. We are doing the one for Blaise a bit different as we did not have it at the party and are going to make it a future wish board for all the friends and family who come to the house this year to sign. We are doing a hat photo of Blaise too!
I love these wish boards the most.
They are special works of art that hang there just shouting out all the best in the people we love. They yell out for the future and they are a reminder to smile. They are no doubt going to be an archival of some of the folks that might not be around when the boys are older and it is very important for me that my sons to be able to see great grandparents messages to them in these happy frozen moments. I am sure the boys will appreciate looking at the signatures and wishes one day.
Steal these ideas please xo

Blay Blay...why are you attracted to all things harmful...If the kid is not sticking his finger in a light socket then he is making friends with an old lead paint mirror. I finally put it away.


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

The adult shirt idea is so brilliant it makes me want to go back in time to when my daughter was one.

amy turn sharp said...

you can start now! She is still small right?

kitykity said...

"All I hear is that... lonesome sound... of the hounds of winter... they follow me down..."

I love Sting! :)
(If that title is from something else, please forgive me for being an idiot LOL)


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

She's a gigantic three year old.

I guess that's not *too* old.

amy turn sharp said...

kitykity- yes Sting. I adore him. My husband loks a little like him and bruce willis smushed
jenny- what about a from 3 to 13 montage? It would so rock. in a frock.

MarĂ­a said...

SO! I've decided I don't like you anymore. You're too damn...creative.

I'm jealous.

Our Crooked Tree said...

Our oldest's first birthday was crazy with people and our youngest was lucky to even get a party! That will be his curse forever I think. Love the ideas you provided; I will take all the credit for them too:)

village mama said...

I know e-x-a-c-t-l-ly what you mean about the smaller, 1st yr party for the 2nd...I won't be stealing any of your brilliant ideas, too lazy. xo


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