Thursday, November 26, 2009

I had to divert my eyes from the other mothers

(originally posted on 11/6/07)

I signed Finnian up for a Whole Food half pint cooking class for this afternoon. He was brimming with enthusiasm all morning to cook. Finn loves to pull his little wooden stool up to the counter and assist me daily in some form of cookin creations and we were so exited for the class today. We left an hour early to enjoy sampleville that is Whole Paycheck. I love that you can eat yr way around the know they are so damn awesome there that they will open a wine for you to try! They are the loveliest type of store...
So, the class was loud and rowdy as expected...we made turkeys out of gelato containers and then filled em with organic popcorn and then sampled a smorgasbord of fall treats. The whole time Finn kept asking when we were cooking and I just kept pushing organic milk and cookies in him. We walked out and he said this:
Bollocks I wanted to cook

I bit my tongue and ran out into the blustery cold air, pushing the cart as fast as I could.


Avery Gray said...

Bollocks! What a lovely expression! Not enough wee ones batting it around if you ask me. ;o)

Sounds like my son. He goes around saying "Damn it! Damn it!" when he's frustrated.

BTW, your word verification says "dadhug". How cute is that?!

vincent said...

Well, I may have said the same!!! I mean cooking should have something to do with cooking... I agree with hime!!! :) They are so HONEST!!! We went to pick Stephanie up at the high school the other morning and Sienna told the office worker, "Um, Halloween is over and you still have your decorations up. You should take those down, it's going to be Thanksgiving!". They are so REAL...

BipolarLawyerCook said...

Hell, I would've been annoyed, too. But Bollocks! Exactly how much Masterpiece Theater do you watch?

: )

pinkmydear said...

Will you and Joe (or Finn and Blaise) promise to teach my kids English curse words someday?

Amelia Sprout said...

I guess it is good he swore in proper English. Not many people speak that.

I love that word. He is instantly my hero. I also love cajones and arse.


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