Thursday, October 18, 2007

Elizabeth Vargas-you lucky bitch

I was eighteen and riding a train through Europe and a man I knew gave me his CD Walkman to listen to as I became restless. I heard Marc Cohn for the first time as my eyes settled on the landscape and I fell right in love. I liked alternative music and wore Cure concert tees and was a bad ass but my God...I just loved this man and his voice and the lyrics and the way I felt stitched in the heart and side. It wasn't that "Walking in Memphis" song that got was just the whole soundtrack to my travels from that train ride. I have followed his career ever since- he is a tinker though- does not pound out the albums really- but the small few are treasured. I think he had lot in his life to drive him to write again...After a decade he has a new disk. "Join the Parade"
listening right now
He was carjacked and shot in the head in 2005 and remarkably walked away without major medical injury, was deeply affected by Hurricane Katrina, went through a divorce, remarried Elizabeth Vargas and had children...I read somewhere that at one point after the carjacking he had so much inspiration that he could not stop the song writing process- they just kept coming...

I hope they keep coming. I like this album a lot. "Listening to Levon" is a good one.
His music has been a part of the soundtrack of my life for a long time.
I'm wistful tonight
thinking of that eighteenth year
a different life
that train

P.S. welcome to the world little Nora Sinead
we are glad you are here


Anonymous said...

I love his stuff too, but had no idea about the car jacking. Amazing that he's OK, and the songs keep coming.

Anonymous said...

I like this blog!


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