Monday, August 6, 2007

It is damn hard to control yr kids

I was talking to my friend Sharon today and we were discussing how Finn is so three years old right now. I have a love hate relationship with three.

Things I love:increased observation/imitation- today he watched me struggle with cleaning the kitchen floor on my hands and knees and came over and assisted me. He was thrilled with magic erasers. He scrubbed very hard. He noticed that Sharon was sad and kissed her on her shoulder.

Things I do not love:increased observation/imitation-today he watched me walk around with cell phone glued to ear sorting out the details of our rehab house and complaining about HVAC man who robbed us. He asked me if I was OK. He also said "I will get that man mom(hvac)- Is he an ass?"

Things I love: increased motor skills of all sorts- today he entertained himself by jumping over pillows for quite a long time. He also deftly used his lacing cards. He helped me pick up spaghetti that dropped off the floor with wicked nimble fingers.

Things I do not love: increased motor skills of all sorts-today he took off the highchair safety belt while his brother was in it, sneakily unbuckled his car seat while on freeway, and with reckless abandon pulled all of the tape from a book on tape cassette that belongs to the public library.

Things I love:language skills- today he said "if you insist mister". He also told me all the reasons that he loves me including the fact that I give him cookies in a small sweet soliloquy during nap. He talked endlessly to me about his superman dreams and might have used the word enormous.

Things I do not love:language skills- today he talked about boobs( big ones vs. small ones) without cease and made up a song about poop. He likes to insert the word "pooper" into well loved songs like "Farmer in the Dell"...Pooper in the Dell. He is in bliss.

I love you Finnian. I love that you whispered in my ear again today that you have magical thinking. Where do you get it?

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SharonEKim said...

Yeah, 3 is crazy but it's pretty amazing how much things can progress in a matter of days for these young beings. I also love that Finn kissed me on the shoulder. Today with you and the boys helped to lessen the hurt. Love you much.


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