Monday, May 28, 2007

Decoration Day

My 87 year old Grandmother will be in Nelsonville, Ohio today celebrating Decoration Day as she calls it. Grandma says people don't really care anymore about this day and it makes her sad. It is a national day of mourning she says and families used to rally together and really reflect on our armed services and those we had lost. Today she is thinking back to her friends and loved ones she has lost in the 5 wars since she was born. She will call me later and as she sips her daily tea, she will spin tales of what it used to be. I will listen as I do each year and wonder what life was like back when my father and his parents watched the parades, cleaned the grave sites, and put aside the world for a day. I can almost see the seriousness across my fathers face as a boy. As she finishes her tea she will tell me as she has for the last several years how much she hates Bush and the state of the world. I will agree. I also agree that today is important for reflection.

I think I will honor the troops by praying for an end to our involvement in

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