Friday, October 7, 2005

Doobleh-vay Human of the Week

The Divine Ms. Emma G. is the volunteer receptionist at the local community center where I work. She enlightens me each day with her wisdom and insights on life. Emma has never disclosed her chronological age to me- it doesn't matter. She is older than me and knows stuff. She dances ballroom, likes daily crosswords,
and laughs like a hyena. I like to hear her stories about her late husband- he was her one true love she says. She never even thought for a moment about a replacement...There was not one for her. I like it when she goes away for a moment when she tells me stories of them..It is the particular way she turns her head and goes silent. It is sad and gleeful at once. She shakes back in a second with a wild laugh, telling me to "get" and "go back and work". I seek her out daily for something...She has become a habit. But the reason she is here this week is she made me one of the best damn cups of coffee I have ever had today. It was top five of life. Merci Emma.

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