Monday, January 16, 2012

Meet the Camping Butler + RETREAT news

If you come to the WINTER WRITING RETREAT you will get to meet Mike.

He's a gem. I met Mike in the 90's when I was sent off to the woods to be a camp counselor. He was much more outdoorsy than me. He taught me how to identify poison ivy and how to collect kindling and how to build a fire. A lot of time has passed since those halcyon days in the woods, but Mike and I have reconnected via facebook and I have learned that he is starting the THE CAMP BUTLER!

How cool?

Here is a bit about his biz:
"Imagine arriving at a campground after your long week at work to find a tent set up, the fire blazing, gourmet coffee waiting and all of your time to concentrate on relaxing in the great outdoors."

Camp Butler has a full range of services from simply setting up your site to a "full service" experience including guided nature hikes, campfire songs and training on lost frontier skills.

AND WE GET HIM FOR THE WEEKEND. he is cooking + teaching!
O m gee.

Are you ready?

Sign up here.

xo amy + amanda

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