Monday, April 6, 2009

"You can shake the sawdust off your feet, but you can't shake it outta your heart."

Finn's 5th birthday carnival was a huge hit.
Angie and I threw Jack and Finn a party that they both told us yesterday was their best party ever. (dude- they are five- the pickings are slim- but we still glowed with pride)

It was a circus-carnival themed party and we had old school games that they played with tickets like fishing games (thank you grandma who sat behind it for an hour!), bean bag toss, beer bottle ring toss, sack races, and crazy clothes relays.
We had a kissing booth for face painting and popcorn too!

Joe was a clown (god love him) and Angie's bro was a mime.
The kids had a blast and then we all went to the playground after cake.

We planned the party about a month ago and for the amount of kiddos we hosted, it was really frugal. We tried to use items that we already had in house and made or borrowed a lot for the games. The sun was shining and it was warm gorgeous- funny how it works out for the little ones mostly. Today it is snowing. Seriously.

The day was long but it stretched out perfectly and with sugar on top.
Finn's birthday is officially over. I noticed that he, like his mother, tends to have a birthday week instead of a day. :)

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Kim said...

Birthday Weeks are the best..

It looked like an amazing party Amy.. the pictures are wonderful..

village mama said...

I agree with Kim, a whole week of birthdayness is the best!

Yay also to the frugal/minimalist/borrow/re use aspect of the kids' party. Speaks volumes about how creative you TRULY are. xo

Sizzle said...

YAY! So glad it was a success. :-)

Sizzle said...

YAY! So glad it was a success. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm all for birthday weeks! So much fun!

Looks like such a fun party. Exactly what kids will remember for years and years!

Way to go!

krista said...

happy birthday from my finn to yours :-)

(and what a brilliant idea for a birthday party. totally filing that away for later. hmm...i think i stole the yearly click idea from you also. you know what this means: you're a genius.)

craftymama said...

looks like fun!

Neil said...

That looks like one mega fun party. I want you to arrange MY birthday parties!

180|360 said...

I love it! Old school parties are the best.

grandmaturn said...

Amy and Angie did a great job on the party for the kids. All had so much fun even the parents. Smiles everywhere and this grandma had so much fun there. Jack and Finn will always remenber this one.

Ruth said...

Maggie had a great time, so did I. Here's HER post about it! :)


Headless Mom said...

Kiss your boys today.

You're an amazing mama to do this for Finn.

A Touch of Country said...

looks like it was a blast!


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