Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"No, my brother, you have to go buy your own."

I was thinking today about how I felt when I first heard "wish you were here" by Pink Floyd. I must have been 14. I sang it out loud and made little Memorex tapes of it and it was woven into my mind. Then it got overplayed and then just trite and faded quite easily into the background of my life. I think once I romanticized it in a bar in Europe, but that was nearly all the result of some hash. But I heard it today again and like a zip line fast shooting backwards all wind and hands in the air I was there:
And my hair was long and it's original color and I was listening and I may have been 16 then and sitting on the green green grass in my neighbor Jason's yard and it was a boom box and we were content to smoke cigarettes and read Philosophy books that we thought we understood and make words come out of our mouths that made no sense to our little lives and we had no worries and there I was for 5.26 minutes again today and it was glorious.

title post - Say Anything 1989


BaltimoreGal said...

In 1989 I WAS 16 and madly in love with a bad heavy-metal boy and was blown away by the Pixies and loved The Cure even though most of the people in the little one-horse town I had just moved to had never even heard of them but also had been touched by Don Henly's End of the Innocence not knowing how fitting that album would really be...
At the end of the year Pretty Hate Machine came out.

Cassandra said...

Oh how I love those trips into sweet 16. It's nirvana all the way for me. Listening to the clack of skateboards, and the smell of fast food in the close night air.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I love it when I recognize your quotes. I have so many memories of high school that smack me in the face at the strangest times... "Classic rock" was from the 60's in '89 and "80s Parties" were inconceivable. I never imagined that I would drive to a boring day job listening to books on tape - I'll tell you that! But I do love my books on tape...they are the sole reason that I am completely out of touch with modern music. All the more reason to cherish memories of the music of my youth (even if it was also the music of my mother's younger sister's youth).

180|360 said...

some of my very first musical journeys involved pink floyd on vinyl late at night in my room.


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