Thursday, April 9, 2009

ETSY LIVE & Little Alouette

Gorgeous Marichelle of heart handmade is hosting a Shop Live event on ETSY!
I AM FREAKING OUT to be on of the 30 artists featured.
Marichelle chose my Safari Set to feature and I am so excited!
It will be 20% off and shipped free for the Shop Live event tonight!

Today is a great day!!! Please come and see us! 7pm EDT



Neil said...

Sounds exciting for you guys. Hope you sell a lot!

Kate said...

Wow, congrats! Good luck tonight!

hippo brigade said...

a friend of mine forwarded me a photo of your hippo teether and the note attached said, 'this has your name on it!'
To which I replied, ' have all my teeth, thank you very much.' But then I realized she was referring to the hippo reference.
As I wrote her back, I mentioned eagerly 'I KNOW HER! I know the cute lass that makes those sassy wood toys. We're bloggy friends!' I felt so cool.
Just thought I'd share and tell you that you're kinda a big deal.


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