Wednesday, March 4, 2009

""What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?"

Just a few things.

•Strep Throat round these parts.
•What the hell is Bionicle and why does Finn have to like these plastic freaky toys?
•I love AngryChicken for teaching me that I could make my own tomato soup this winter.
I want to mail her love letters.
•I had to cancel my hair appointment and my roots are beyond that cool tough rocker chic stage by a long flipping shot.
•We walked in the woods today even while ill because I was so housecrazy I thought at one point I had gone mad.

•I registered my son for Kindergarten today and the whole walk down the hallway where the water fountains are lower than my hips felt like a movie for a second.
Like a movie about a woman where they speed the frames up and show her children and life fly right past her.
Like that only with cool music like this.

title post-
Monty Python and the Holy Grail 1975

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Ser said...

We just endured like two solid weeks of illness around here. It does make mama crazy. It does.

I'm sorry that you are entering the age of the Bionicle. There is a great essay on Literary Mama called Free Range Bionicle. I'll see if I can get you the link. I think we own about 70 Bionicles (yard sale) if you need me to slip you a few at any point. Oh, and when your kids are in bed you should go to the Lego website and watch the Bionicle videos, complete with adolescent male heavy metal ballads. Hilarious, but scary.

AmericanFamily said...

YOu should check out the potties in those schools. Seriously, they must be for elves. Yay kindergarten!

Headless Mom said...

I have emerged from Bionicle hell and lived to tell about it. Like Ser said, let me know and I can slip you a few. They are ridiculously expensive-I think I could have paid a semesters' tuition with buying those damn things.

Kindergarten makes me squirm. Make sure you get a good night's sleep befor eyou help for the first time. All of those little ones made me soooo tired!

Stacey said...

Great pics with the masks. Your moment during the walk through the school is so true, as I get older I am amazed at how fast everything is happening.

vincent said...

Our little one has had a "sore throat" now for around 10 days. Today is the last day of her antibiotic. Her strep came back negative, but what the heck??? It still is killing her. We just did the kindergarten thing also. All the way there she chanted our phone number and address- then they didn't even ask her that!!! Oh well, at least she has them down now... I think getting back to nature always cures the beast- a little at least! I just moved my flower pots this morning and hung Siennas windsock outside and told winter to just get out of here, I want spring. Like I control the weather.

Mara said...

I must say... the masks, the woodsy background... so very Wicker Man esque. Which equals, in my mind, totally creepy.

Mara said...

The Wicker Man circa 1973, not 2006. Just to clarify.

nkp said...

Sorry to hear about the illnesses around your house, it's that time-o-year!

Oh man, Kindergarten, that's HUGE! It was soooo much harder for me to accept then it ever was for the kiddos. They just breeze through it all like little pros, me, not so much. My youngest will be starting preschool in the Fall. This will be the first time I am kidless in almost 10 years. What will I do wthout my little sidekick? :0(


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