Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"She's a loaded pistol who likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain."

This book came from my Gran's house. It must have been read to my father, but it is much older as it has the name of a long deceased relative. Garnet. (Love that name)
I love the complete breakdown of the book, the age and the fragility and the illustrations make me curl me toes.
Anyhoo. Mondays are co-op kinda preschool at my house. We have our friends over and do a lesson. It was my turn and we did fairy tales. It was simple enough- we just read the old book and then turned to the new Disney version book and compared.

We then did a quick counting and sequence lesson by lining up all the shoes in the house from smallest to biggest.

The really fun part was having the kids be interviewed by me.
(fairy tale Oprah on the FT network)
The kids got to pretend to be Cinderella and were asked questions like:

What do you do with all of yr time now that yr not cooking Euphronia's dinner and sweeping the floors?
How romantic is the prince?
What do you spend all yr money on?
Do yo cook yr own food now?
Tell me about yr castle?
and so on.
The answers were funny.

It was a really simple and fun lesson that kept the kids engaged for over 20 minutes and that my friend is called kicking ass on a Monday morning when all you want it to mainline caffeine.

title post- Shrek 2001


Alexis said...

That sounds great! I wish I'd read this post yesterday when I was home on a snow day with the girls and I let them watch crappy Disney channel for most of the day...

Sizzle said...

Unrelated to your post: I just bought something from your etsy shop and am SO excited. :-)

katie said...

i'm kinda a huge fan of that song but the message is really not kids movie

Kaylovesvintage said...

beautiful book

mle said...

Amy that sounds awesome! I hope I can be that creative when Isaac is old enough to appreciate it.

nkp said...

I want to be like you when I grow up...what a great idea. And there's simply nothing better than a well-worn, well-loved, beautifully illustrated children's book!

P.S._ I have absolutely not forgotten I owe you a special goody and I'm soooo sorry I haven't sent it out yet. My little Sis had her twins a few weeks early and I can barely break away from all that baby goodness.


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