Tuesday, March 10, 2009

re- reading:
Naked Lunch
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

32 Third Graders and One Class Bunny

about to really read:
(like I know! Head in shame. I have never been able to really read it.
I have Moby Dicked it- which means I have sorta read it and know enough about it to carry on a conversation while placed between intellectuals at dinner parties- but I really need to read it all. Really.)
War and Peace

What are you reading?
Wanna be friends on goodreads?
I have been ignoring this site too long.
I have a ton to update and I love finding new books.
I love to read in bed at night until my eyeballs bleed.


Courtney said...

I just bought "Watchmen" yesterday at lunch. Loved the movie and my comic book luvin' pals were pushing it pretty hard.

I loved Naked Lunch. I had to really be in the mood to read it, though.

Anonymous said...

"I like to read in bed until my eyeballs bleed" just made me and my friend (reading over my shoulder) chuckle!!! Thanks for Kirtsying the book trailer today, and thanks for your great email about my book!! xoxoxo!

paige said...

Read Cutting for Stone. It was the best thing I've read in a long, long time.

Yes to Monday
No to crabs (on backorder...)
I'll email you when I have a proper sec.

amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

yes courtney! me too! xo
KATHERINE- Can I like bronze my blog comments now? Thank you for gracing my wee blog- I love you!!!! The work with Mary was lovely!!! I hope I meet you someday! Blogher? xoxoxo I will be talking about yr book soon on here with a giveaway! I have been telling random strangers. I have.

Anonymous said...

currently reading "guns, germs & steel". been too tired to make it more than a couple of pages a nite, though. :)

pinkmydear said...

I've been reading The Graveyard Book, Coraline, and a few others by Neil Gaiman. It's kind of young adult, fantasy stuff, but really great and imaginative. I think we'll be reading them with E in several years.

tds said...

Ahhh...Malcolm Gladwell...I am eager to read his other books. Also loved Jeanette Walls, "The Glass Castle".

I wish I had more time to read but a 3 year old doesn't allow a lot of that if it isn't Dr. Seuss or "Cars".

katie said...

screw it
it's a good book!


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