Friday, March 27, 2009

It's FRIDAY I'm in LOVE/ Inspire Me Series #15

Follow the Bliss...

Angela is amazing. I love her.
Her blog was one of the first I read when I jumped into the blogosphere.
She is funny, smart, witty, and super talented.
When I met her at blogher last summer I wanted to wrap my arms around her and kiss her for all the times she mad me laugh and smile.
I did not do that. I kinda just said, "hi" as I know I kinda overwhelm folks that are not like me. (like me would be a massive hugger, kisser, ENFP to the tenth power, people scarer).
She better watch out this year though. I might just not have the restraint.
Fluid Pudding is awesome. If you don't know her- you must.

Three Things that Inspire Me (No! Four things!):

1. People who walk around with a sketchpad in hand. Seriously. If I'm sitting somewhere and the person at the next table is doing something like this, I can't help but smile for the rest of the day.
2. People who turn a potentially sucky situation (like insomnia) into something creative and lovely.
3. Listening to This American Life in the middle of the night.
4. Crocheted Fighters!

Favorite Shops:
Woolly Boully Etsy Shop
Secret Agent Josephine's Etsy Shop
Sock Zombie Etsy Shop!
(By the way, I love Harper the Hippo!)

Favorite Blogs:
Although I visit an embarrassing number of blogs, I always tend to go back to the first three I ever read.
1. Loobylu
2. Que Sera Sera
3. Mimi Smartypants

And I love her for this.
Yahoo for fun people who are on this earth!
Have a great day
kiss kiss


Courtney said...

She is just too hilarious! Love the Pudding!

jana said...

What a lovely post, I must be visiting all of you suggestions, how will i ever get any work done. I loved the to the 10th power scare people part. I am a EN T/F J, so I do hold off a bit more initially, but once I know you and love you (it must be both for me (horrible at faking it)), I am gonna hug you, pretty much with every hello and every goodbye.

I am glad I found you :)

fruitlady said...

I love all your love! Keep the love alive! So, I think we covered this, but I'm going to BlogHer this summer and I think you are too and you better cover me with giant hugs and kisses when I see you there!!

Deb on the Rocks said...

I worship The Pudding.

nkp said...

Looks like you two are soul for fun ladies!

Thanks for sharing all those great links, if I don't get out of this share for the rest of the day, we know who's to blame! (yeah, that's me shaking my angry finger at you)

Patois said...

Great post. Love those folks you name.

laurie said...

Sarah was one of the first i read as well.

I'm an ENFP too, ain't it great? ;) We should just sit by each other at blogher and get out some of our more raucous feelings before we go back into the fray. (But some of our opposites secretly love it, you know that. ;))


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