Sunday, March 8, 2009

I was a good mom this weekend.
I don't often tell myself that.
I often notice the times when I lack.
I was abundant this weekend.
I was like Joe is always...brimming and present.
I laughed a lot.
My skin felt the warmer wind.
My children were outside and dirty for days.
And my heart is lighter
And my heart is lighter
And my heart is lighter


Piper said...

funny, I always hope I'm being half as good of a mommy as you are.

wonderful photos of living with abundance. xo

village mama said...

Fantastic photos Amy. Wonderful to read that your heart feels the goodness. xo

Rowena said...

I know that feeling. And the feeling of not being great.

I try to rest in the middle, secure that I'm good enough, that our family is what it is. Secure that my little wild creepers of children will grow in the directions they need to grow.

I like it when they get dirty. They like it when they get dirty.

There are good sides to every shadow.

Anonymous said...

it was so good to see you for a couple of minutes. the ravine is such a fun little place, isn't it?

katie said...

i was looking for something sweet (not food)
so i put on a little nick drake and stopped by doobleh-vay
glad i did!
good knight

Poppy and Mei said...

Yay! Love a bit-o-dirty fun! XXxx said...


renee @ FIMBY said...

linked over from kirstey up & coming. I love these photos of your kiddos in the woods - we were (are) a good mom

craftymama said...

that is a very nice thing to be able to say. i know that fleeting feeling.

right on for more time outside- that's my personal weakness as a parent (that i'm aware of!)

Blue Yonder said...

You seriously might be the coolest person I know. Seriously.

nkp said...

Every day should be this good, huh?!

That is one durn cute li'l knight...the glasses make the outfit.


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