Thursday, March 19, 2009


I am working on a joint birthday party with my friend Angie.
(um how cute are her etsy frocks?)
Our boys are five around the same time and to save costs and have even more crazy fun we have joined forces on a carnival themed party! I am lucky that my pals Rob and Reg gave me some cool backdrops and such from their perfect wedding to use. Any ideas for games or favors? I am looking for animal cracker boxes in bulk I think. Any cool ideas?
We have only two weeks!
We have a clown suit too!
I am sure this is going to be a day so happy that the corners of my mouth may crack from smiling so hard... I can just feel it.

Blink and yr five years old Finn...

And I know Blaise still has a bottle in that picture.
I'm weak.
Like a wee sissy.


Robin ~ PENSIEVE said...

Definitely a bean bag toss (Cut out a large, cardboard Carnival-ish figure, cut out a large hole...have them stand behind a line & throw!),


Definitely something w/balloons. Maybe a relay with two teams, and each person has to run to a chair, sit on their balloon and pop it before returning to the line & tagging off.

Those thoughts were the first that popped in my mind. HAVE FUN!! :)

Liberty said...

We did a carnival theme for my DD a year ago and it was fun! When the guests arrived we had a ticket booth - each child received tickets to play. We had a face painting booth, carnival candy bar (pop corn in red & white bags, licorice, circus peanuts, peanuts, etc), a cotton candy machine going and a mixed soda bar(fruit fizzy mixes like Italian sodas).

For activities we made a bean bag toss out of a large plywood peice. I painted it like a garden and we cut out the centers of some flowers. My beanbags were bee bean bags. We also had a fishing game, ring toss, knock the bottles over, a pool of ducks floating where the kids choose one and the number determines the price, etc... And, we had a big ol' bouncy house up.

It was fun!

For prizes I ordered some from Oriental Trading and picked up various stuff from our local party store. Typical carnival prize stuff :)

Have fun! :)

Deb on the Rocks said...

Oh, momma, what have you got yourself into?

I like cooperative games or areas where kids create stuff.

The Kissing Booth sign could be mounted over a big piece of kraft paper where kids draw smiles and lips throughout the party.

Depending on how many kids you have, you can gather props and costumes (scarves, pool noodles, hats, hula hoop, jump rope, swords, outdoor play stuff, small barbells) for either a "Feats Of Amazing Strength and Wonders Show" (after a little while to pick a prop, they sit in a circle and take turns performing stunts, lifting things, dancing, goofing with the clown as MC) or a "Be A Clown Show" (challenge them to make a funny face or action) -- or set it up as a video booth if you are taking Liberty's station approach.

Hang in there!

Liz said...

I nth the bean bag toss--I did cardboard boxes stapled onto a board instead of sawing holes because my husband isn't as handy as yours. I think you saw my blog post on it, but if not lemme know & I'll send you the link.

And as long as you're sawing holes in boards, how about one of those picture boards painted like a strong man/bearded lady that kids can stick their faces through? You could send print outs of the pics the kids take w/ the thank you cards?

Also, how about a popcorn bar? Get popcorn baggies at Smart & Final, pop a giant tub or corn & let the kids add whatever flavors they like (m&ms, different spice combos, gummi bears [I dunno, kids are gross]).

Oh, how about a potato sack race?

Liz said...

Oh! And animals crackers can be had in bulk from here:

Erin said...

Hey - thanks for the comment on my blog. I found your blog through the link on Soulemama and noticed that you also live in Columbus (I think.) I'm enjoying your blog. Good luck with the party.

Jodi said...

Jakob is 4.5 and just stopped drinking a night time milk bottle about 6 months ago, so if you are a sissy I'd hate to know what I am!

trampoline design said...

I love a cupcake decorating station. For boys you can have gummy worms, girls can have jewel candies. They can make flags with toothpicks (or shortened straws) and paper.

Also, if you have cardboard boxes you can make lifesize cutouts and make a mock battle or parade.

Good luck!

Amanda via Trampoline :)

Kate said...

Definitely popcorn, peanuts or how about potato sack races? Or a roulette wheel -- ok that might be stretching the capabilities here! Anyway, LOVE the banner in the photo. If you are printing anything like table cards, tickets, etc. there's a really fun circus-y font here:

village mama said...

Carnival theme rocks!! A couple of years ago we hired a juggler-in-training, kids loved it. Have fun. xo

Sizzle said...

What a fun idea! You're such a good mommy.

Anonymous said...

Wow---her clothing is fabulous. I so want to have a great idea, but all I can think is WATER BALLOONS. And what if it's cold?

I just went through some archives of a fellow blogger because I remembered this amazing party she had for her own child. Now, I'm thinking you're thinking OLDER, but still.

beinred said...

Once I rented a cotton candy machine and it only cost $35.


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