Tuesday, March 31, 2009

for a good time on April 1st

Plan a curry for yr dinner tomorrow night

but in the late afternoon when you make a tea for you and yr honey offer a small bite of "new" chocolate with tea time

Watch yr honey freak out when they take a bite of Golden Curry
(heheheheeheh when you take it from the box it looks just like a chocolate bar!!!)

you and you can make it up to them with the yummy curry dinner

naughty naughty
Do you do April Fools?
Spill yr plans?


Joslyn said...

oooh that is naughty! and funny...and naughty ;-)

mona said...

Oh man, Golden Curry was a staple in my house.

I'm so lame, I don't have any fun April Fools plans and I *always* fall for those pranks.

Piper said...

I love you and your naughtyness, it's brill to the max.

Absolutely Not Martha said...

my nine year old daughter was scheming tonight for her big plans tomorrow--i know it involves a large black plastic tarantula.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Best April 1 day joke ever: put a box of Dunkin Donuts in the break room at work. But when anyone opens it - they will find an April Fools! sign. Simple - brilliant - and a tad bit cruel.

please sir said...

Oh my goodness that is too funny!!!

Liz said...

I tried to convince my husband that I bought an iPhone, but he didn't buy it. He knows I'm too cheap to ever pay for a cell phone. I just use the free one you get every two years.


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