Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's FRIDAY I'm in LOVE/ Inspire Me Series #10

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I met Kay on Flickr. I love her and she has become a part of my life.
We send little parcels back and forth to each other and touch base weekly. (There are real friendships that live inside of my computer.) I often wish I could reach inside and give her hand a squeeze.
She has a master eye for collecting and vintage finds.
She is a buyer, stylist, & personal shopper.
Folks all over Europe have her find the special stuff!!! ( she's so cool!)
And be sure to take a peek at her husband's amazing mid-century workshop at their home.
My gal lives in the Netherlands and shares her life with her man and sweet little girl Nila.
I am proud she is my friend and her photostream inspires me each week.
Enjoy her:

I take so much inspiration from music, at the moment I'm in to Motown , Feist,
Kings of Leon.
Also books...milk teeth by Julie Morstad, Loretta Lux and I love biographies( next one on my list is Vivienne Westwood ) and movies like , Notes on a Scandel ( love Judie Dench) and I go for Jane Austin( give me some coffee and a good movie)

I am a big vintage collector so I love browsing web shops offering mid century modern furniture.
A few of my favourites are:
Furniture Love from two guys in Antwerp.
retromoderndesign from Sweden (I love their floorlamps from the 50s)
actually a forum site and not a shop
These sites give me inspiration for my next flea market trip.

...and there is
I meet so many inter sting people on flickr and have made some really good friends. They give so much inspiration.
There is Ally from Iceland ,she send me great sweets, Amy from Florida, my vintage&art friend Sally, my art& book twin from the UK and Amy (you), one of my first flickr friends... really, flickr makes the world small and you can learn so much!

Here are some blogs I love
nestledinless is more, Katja in Finland knows what that means
my love for you all you need to know about art
liiviantalossa I want to live with Liivian
blasse-vielfaltMarie, can do magic with colors
finelittledaysome coffee and Elizabeth, that will keep me busy
Quail by mail love her green living

My three ingredients for a perfect weekend are:
coffee, hubby and our little monster
weekend newspaper
a beach hut with a open fire and a basketful of Dvds

Thanks baby. Please visit Kay at flickr and her new blog!


village mama said...

wow. I heart her too. Happy Weekend ladies! xo

Schmutzie said...

You are being featured on Five Star Friday!

nkp said...

What a great interview Amy! Kay seems like such an intriguing person, incredible the connections you can make through what seems like such an impersonal medium.

How funny about your "Friday I'm in love" series, of course I've read it before, but it didn't cross my mind in the moment. And of course you were spot-on about The Cure. Email me your address and I'll send a little something special your way. Happy Valentine's Day to you and all your boys, from me and all of mine!

Katja said...

Great interview! I love Kay, she's always so nice and her flickr + blog are full of interesting and beautiful things.

Mette said...

I know exactly, how you feel. I love Kay too! We are very lucky to have her as a part of our lives.


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