Friday, February 1, 2008

We all fall down/Like toy soldiers

We have run out of Starbucks cards. Joe cashes in his business rewards for gift cards that are among my most precious items. We have also run out of the instant British coffee otherwise known as Starbucks methadone. We now have to drag the old crusty drip pot out from under the kitchen sink, the one that doesn't work properly.(The one that makes coffee taste a bit "off".)
I try and think back to the old days before Cafe Verona brewed by a machine that costs more than my car by a boy more hip than I will ever be. I try and channel Ma Ingalls as she runs her hand across the coffee canister in her log cabin. It probably was just hot water and coffee and it was so good and she probably had 5 pounds to last the long winter.

Brighter thoughts...I ripped this idea out of a mag at the Dr.'s office ( I am aware that I am terrible!!!!) and we made some VDAY prints this morning.
Love it! I am just encountering the people drawing skills of a preschooler.
I love how bodies have very strange proportion's.
I love the limbs and the circle feet.
I love that he draws me incredibly slim and with long long legs.
I just love it.


pinkmydear said...

Have you tried cleaning the coffee pot and machine with white vinegar and a little water? It makes a big difference.

village mama said...

DO try pinkmydear's suggestion; we have a coffee maker with a huge chip on her shoulder, every few months we run 2-3 pots of pure vinegar through her, then 4-8 of pure water to cleanse the tartness.

Love the print project. So simple, yet, what slim legged results!!

You are not horrible for ripping pages out of magazines, you are terrible, I mean it the way a Parisian would yell it: 'tu est terrible mademoiselle'!!! Yet, I giggle to think that the next time I see rippage in a magazine I can put a picture to the deed. Also, you've admitted it on the world wide web, so that in itself deserves forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

Get a Chemex, it will change your life. I promise you. You already put the kettle on...just pour some hot water over the coffee and voila! No bitter taste! Lauren had one at the farmhouse and I've had one since I moved out. Soooo good. There's a place at the North Market that sells them and the special filters. Chemex!

Kaylovesvintage said...

I live in the country with only one Starbucks ( at the airport), so please feel sorry for me,lol

Momo Fali said...

I TRULY was going to send you a message about meeting me at Starbucks yesterday afternoon! I was nearby. I would've bought you a cup!

Amy Turn Sharp said...

girl! Call me next time! Email me and I'll give you my digits!!! :) xo


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