Monday, January 7, 2008

When you wish your bed was already made

The house showed again...Nope. They liked the house...but it was too close to the street. It is DOWNTOWN!
Why are these folks so picky? Picky picky picky
pick yr nose
I really am buying that statue of St. Joseph and burying it upside down in the yard
I am
I need a prayer chain
I need a rain dance
I need a miracle

Some puzzles and some worm composting and a walk in in this warm weather. I was looking over my list of things to do to our house this year and freaking out. I really have to get organized. I like making lists. It's fun. I could be a list maker for someone important. I shall look into this line of work. Give me a Sharpie ultra fine point and a fresh legal tablet and I'm golden.


Stephen said...

Trying to figure out what that black thing is. Top of a broken stove?

Amy Turn Sharp said...

It is my worm compost plastic bin...
Like a tupperware tub- but for composting

Avery Gray said...

People are idiots.

Not you. I'm talking about other people. ;o)

I hope your luck turns and the perfect buyers show up on your doorstep soon. Selling a house is the biggest pain!

Good luck, my dear!

Anonymous said...

Oh, we went through this with a house. People want to be in a downtown location, close to things, as long as it is quiet and there is no traffic. Get over yourselves! Live in the country if that is what you want, people.



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