Monday, January 28, 2008

Rivers turn to oceans/Oceans tide you home

Found some early origins of Finn this morning at my parents house.
I was bat girl for a long time.
This is 1978.
I remember this moment
frozen flash
smiling with a mask on
God if I had that costume now...I could make a mint on EBAY.


Kimmylyn said...

Oh my goodness.. I need to find the picture of me in the same costume.!! I also remember sweating my ass off inside that thing..

But you are soo right.. you would make a fortune on ebay with that!! :) Happy Monday!

wornoutwoman said...

Sweeeeeet! Love the mask too! Glad I found your site...came by through Kim.

village mama said...

Back story: in improv there's a game called 'sounds like a song' which is the phrase you say when someone says something that sounds like a song, then you say 'sounds like a song' then they have to continue talking/singing, a la musical.

All that to say your post 'sounds like a make a costume' project. Perpahs you CAN make a mint on Ebay if you make a replica costume(s)?!

village mama said...

forgot to say, you look adorable!!!

suchsimplepleasures said...

ok...i just had the scariest flashback...a plastic wonder woman costume!!! circa...1977 or so...
those we the most heinous inventions! we should have just worn garbage bags!
love, love,love that pic...brings back waaaaaay too many torturous memories!!


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