Saturday, January 26, 2008

Little darling/It seems like years since it's been here

The acceptance has come. After the party today I realized that Blaise really is one year old. We had a great day with our friends and family...We had a simple party at our local community center. The kids played an old school potato relay and we ate too much sweet stuff and went swimming. I looked around the room and the little voice in my head said:
you are lucky
you are blessed
last night my baby woke right when I was about to sleep
I had been sad a bit yesterday
I had a few tears in the car about how he was one now
how he was a big boy and soon they would both grow up so fast

I know it is true
people tell me
in grocery stores
or in line at the bank
they say
I will blink one day and it will all be passed
that you will wonder where the time has gone
that these days are finite and exquisite

When we cried out for me I took him in my bed and stroked his face
and he cried softly for a few moments and snuggled in with his hands
touching my face
his little tiny breathe
was hot against my skin
I think he was trying to tell me
in his own little way

shh mommy
I am still small
I am still small


piper of love said...

'and I thank you for choosing me, to come through unto life to be, the beautiful reflection of his face. see I know that a gift so great is only one the God could create'

Blaise will always be your sweet baby.

TZT said...

What a sweet, sweet post.

village mama said...

I understand your beautiful sadness.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh. I can't tell you how much I needed that... Why does it have to be so painful and so short?

Kimmylyn said...

It is a beautiful sadness as Village Mama stated. I swear I cherish the midnight feedings where it is just me and my little man because I know how quickly it passes but as you said beautiful they are still small now.. :)

Loved it. said...

Hello Doobleh,

Just read your blog for the first time. You made me cry when I read Blaise first birthday. I cry at each one of my kids birthdays. The first 1 yr is a cry jerker. My daughter turned 1 4 months ago and I cried. My son will be 4 in 4 months and I know the tears will fall. I feel joy, sadness and such a huge sense of pride.

Thanks for sharing.

Amy Turn Sharp said...

I know I know
It is just so real isn't it?
:0 thanks for stopping by xo amy

katekatenegotiate said...

why is my son flankin a potato betwixt his legs? love the post!

Jodi said...

That was such a sweet post. I still feel that way about Jakob and most days can't believe he's 3.5!


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