Thursday, January 31, 2008

Im happy here/But this is where we used to live

We are making birthday thank you notes today/handprints of Blaise
He thought it was fun for a few moments
then the arch of the back and the shrill:
"I will not be yr puppet"
baby roar....

I am working on some art this week
I am creating a map of the places Joe and I have lived in the past 9 years....
Valentines Day might be influencing my romantic thoughts/my historical retrospective of love
who knows
when I finish it
I think it will hang in our bedroom
I think it will remind us of
the 3000 plus days
we have spent
kissing fat baby
I catch him out of the corner
of my eye
he is my supernova today
outshining all else


village mama said...

nothing more gut wrenching than baby roar...did you roar back?

A Love Map. Love it!

piper of love said...

Wow! I hope hubs appreciates you.

Will you be my Valentine too, otherwise I will get no lovin.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I like the map idea very much. I am going to have to steal that.

Amy Turn Sharp said...

feel free- I am having trouble figuring out how to write on it...:)


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