Sunday, January 13, 2008

I got a bad desire/I'm on fire

Thrifting and craiglisting this morning
free solid wooden table and two wee chairs in cool lil neighborhood
made in America on the bottom
what made you get rid of them yellow house?
thank you

Two chairs just like I have wanted for a long time
They only need some new cushion fabric
what made you get rid of them brick house?
thank you

I'm on cloud 10.


Dawn said...

Hey, those striped chairs? We have those! Ours are teal but I think they're otherwise the same chairs. We got them for five bucks apiece at a garage sale and a beautiful matching couch that got ruined when Madison peed on it and we couldn't dry it out (alas). :)

Anonymous said...

wow, love those blue chairs. they can be rehabbed into something really fabulous.

kay said...

love the chairs & you know I'm chairjunkie

Rhonda said...

these kinds of "gifts" are the best!!!
lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Are those Flor tiles? I need some carpet, I have finally decided. Cold wooden floors only go so far.

Amy Turn Sharp said...

flor tiles- I love them
I will look and see if I still have a free shipping code for you :)


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