Friday, January 25, 2008

Home where my thought's escaping/Home where my music's playing

Blaise yr a web star :)

I am about to clean my house
my husband is drinking coffee and reading a book
there are ear buds in my ears
no distraction
my mom is in charge
life is sweet
there is dirty diaper
and I am not changing it
oh bliss


piper of love said...

You are so tagged! check my latest Meme... ~xo

Kimmylyn said...

I feel like you just described a little piece of heaven!!

village mama said...

mornin' fellow Lush Lover!

Our VD project is making cards from ONLY things we have in the house, red things, and things with hearts. I'll post about it tomorrow...

So is your house clean?

Amy Turn Sharp said...

are you kidding? I tried, but it was too tempting to relax...:) my email is email me yr addy so we can reply to each other! :)


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