Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Because two times three is six/And three times six is eighteen/And the eighteenth letter in the alphabet is R

Recycling Christmas cards into Jan/Feb birthday cards are easy! I like the fact that Finn is obviously the helper/maker of these cards- so it takes the perfection worry off the card presentation :)
I have been searching for a particular bracelet for a long time. I found out that Ms. Kitty has jacked it and it is now her going out fancy necklace.
Auntie Terry sent a Swedish hunting cap to the boys. Rock on Crockett!
I have a busy week coming up. My pal is getting married and there is a strip pole dance workshop/bachelorette extravaganza in few days. The pole doesn't scare me as much as the excessive drinking that is expected. I should perhaps begin a tolerance stimulation experiment this week with the leftover holiday beer. I love a night out, but I really cannot handle it so much anymore. I know in advanced that I will be a worthless crud the next day. But, I guess as long as I plan for this...
I am the officiant of this wedding next month. Yep, I am an ordained minister now. Cracks me up. So, if yo need a non denominational wild woman to marry you...just let me know.

Thought of the day:
How can an hour of playing with Thomas the Tank engine seem like eternity, but the nap hour is so damn swift?


Anonymous said...

Ms. Kitty looks HAWT. I think you should take her to the party with you-- she looks like a cat who can hold her booze.

Srsly, you could do a whole series of posts on Ms. Kitty's Adventures. YA, RLY.

Anonymous said...

You are too cool -- marriage ceremonies -- and pole dancing. You need much more than that one-hour nap, girl!

stella said...

and jack johnson...should run for president.


artgirlATL said...

I'm lovin the Daniel Boone hat. My grandfather teases that he diapered Daniel Boone.


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