Thursday, December 20, 2007

That every wish would be heard and answered

Soft trees were fun to make
with a little boy who sat on my lap
and pushed fabric through the machine
Sew many peeps made these this year...lookie here

This week is getting busy
But, I'm Still reading...

And I am also doing something I don't do nearly enough...I am saying little prayers to the universe...I have a list that I am working on. It has selfish things like sell my other house, smooth thighs, and more joy to all around me...but, it also has important things- things like family health and certain individuals I know to find peace. It has wishes for far away friends. It wants for addictions to cease. It holds hopes for those who want babies badly and those who have small ones tucked in bellies now. It is about those who are so far flung at war and how it can be easy to forget what IS GOING ON as we are living sheltered from it as Bush wants. It has some wishes for those strangers I have come to adore in the blogosphere like bossy and jen&tonic. It speaks to those who have lost and those who are lost in my life. I am trying to be listen. To God. I am trying to listen and strain my ear. To turn it to the goodness and learn how to help.


Anonymous said...

Those trees are the cushiest softest things I've ever seen.

But the part I Love the most is him sitting on your lap, pushing it through. Ahhh

Momo Fali said...

I'm wishing for smooth thighs also...and for you to stop being so crafty and making me feel like a loser-non-crafting-schmuck.

Okay, I'll throw in a little wish for world peace...just for good measure.

Amy Turn Sharp said...

thanks guys
they are easy as pie

kay said...

what about a soft tree swap, they are so cute

Amy Turn Sharp said...

yes- would love to- email me
but...mine are not so great as I am new sewer :)


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