Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Don't let it get away...

I am sitting here trying to get the urge to rise and clean the counters and tables that still hold the residue of Christmas. Dried Yorkshire pudding batter and many empty bottles of Stella splay out and mix with the china and paper plates and look like a great time. It was the best. How could it not have been?
People are well. My old Gran could still climb the stairs and Blaise is here this year. My sister is officially a master baker and my mom is now in a size 6. Finn gasped on Christmas morning when he saw his stocking. The gasp of a believer. Blaise took another few steps. I drank wine with reckless abandon. I lived under the mistletoe.

amusement all around him

official short hair

a space bubble looks like this

we danced all day

more careful than usual for Father Christmas

banging on the drum for you Uncle Simon

papa and gran and old gran and the new sled

weekly digestion

sorry for the repost- was having some tech issues..thanks Ericka for noticing :)


BipolarLawyerCook said...

"I lived under the mistletoe." I think that's my resolution for 2008.

Your photos for this post don't seem to be loading-- maybe it's just firefox. : (

Anonymous said...

sounds like great christmas

Bigtooth said...

Sounds lovely!

Many of your photos do seem to be MIA.

absquatulation said...

"banging on the drum for you Uncle Simon"

I try to please... Do you think Finn would like a trumpet for his birthday.....

Uncle Simon


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