Friday, November 9, 2007

I want it sew bad

My fabulous sister in law Terry in Reading, England is such a crafty lady. She made these lovelies...She is a master of the home. All things. I adore her and she has turned me on to all sorts of fabulousness...(Nigella kitchen tools!!!!!) I can't wait for 11/26...The day after my birthday I begin my studies at "The School of Sewing Arts" at my local Stitching Post. I am so eager to be a crafty bitch. is where Stanley lives I think :)


piper of love said...

Back before I became a divorced bitch, I used to have time to sew. I miss it sew much!

I made amazing handbags. I rummaged estate sales for vintage fabric and used it, and vintage buttons sealed the deal. I made my own patterns, and people would beg me for one of my bags. I loved it! I haven't sewn anything beyond curtains in almost four years! Ack!

I can't wait to see what the amazing you will create. I'll probably be beating down your door to get my hands on your creations! You are fabulous!

kritty said...

Those are the cutest terriers!!!!!


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