Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Daring Book for Girls

So gave me the chance to review this cool book for their site! The Daring Book for Girls by Andrea J. Buchanan and Miriam Peskowitz
I had recently purchased "The Dangerous Book for Boys" for my nephew Jacob in England and was thrilled to see the girl counterpart to this new phenomena. I will first say that I being a big girl of 33 years old LOVED this book and could not put it down until I had devoured it in one evening. I know there has been a bunch of controversy surrounding these books and a lot of feminists have taken issue with the facts that they exclude and reaffirm the differences. Like yeah-they do and I think it is alright. I think adults should take a look at what this book is celebrating. Real authentic creative play! I think that The Daring Book could be enjoyed by a boy and the Dangerous book by a girl. Easily. They are about the realness of childhood that our society is so quickly destroying. This book is an adventure that does not require a web code download, scads of money, or a trip to Target. Our children are dashing through childhood and need to slow down and live and it is not just some sort of nostalgia that we adults are pushing, it is the truth. Beautiful girls enjoy this time as you again will never again be this free.
This book gives this message and I pray we can put down our agendas and let girls and boys enjoy this. I flipped through the pages and was taken back to my own girlhood and smiled at the cartwheel section (I still cannot do one...but the book did help) and the slumber party section that is still such a universal hoot. I learned how to track an animal, tie a sari, and be a spy all before bedtime. I appreciated the sprinkling of feminism and woman hero's throughout this book and it seemed that the authors thought about the world of girlhood and included wonderful multicultural sections and information for all girls to process. The sheer amount of historical knowledge presented was awesome and I learned a bunch of tidbits from my own perusal. I think this book should be added to the children's canon and admired and read by adults. This book will make you want to get a Swiss army knife. Perhaps even a pink one.
Thanks Mothertalk for this cool book! I will be giving my copy away to one lucky reader. Leave a comment and I will choose one reader who has a KID in their life who would like this for the holidays! Good Luck.


Anonymous said...

I would love it for Addie b/c I hope that my daughter will successfully complete a cartwheel :) No seriously, I think there are definite differences in the childhoods of boys and girls and as a mother of a twin boy and girl, I look forward to seeing the nature vs. nuture question unfold before me. I don't think there is anything wrong with nuturing those differences. To me, it is not anti-feminist.

piper of love said...

The good news is that I finally pulled my head out and realized that I hadn't added you to my blog yet! ~sorry~

It's all taken care of now though! xo

katekatenegotiate said...

i would love this book for my niece, who today, finds out that she does not have epilepsy. she was a daring girl this week when she stuck her tiny body through a cat scan machine. is that enough to win the book?

susiej said...

I don't want the book -- but I just want to say that my boys like this book more than the Dangerous Book for Boys!


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