Monday, November 19, 2007

Children See. Children Do.

This is really powerful.
I feel terrible when I do/say things around my kids that are whacked.
Like today when I spit at my car and cursed it.
It is broken and going to cost a lot of money-
but I should not act like I do.
We are all sick and grumpy today.
But, we are happy and healthy(the colds will lift)
We are blessed.
I just thought I would share that PSA
bc it really speaks volumes.


Joeprah said...

That is a crazy but great PSA. Great post and don't be too hard on yourself. Next time, remember to laugh it is great medicine.

vincent said...

No parent is perfect Amy, but thank you so much for sharing this video. I think EVERYONE (not only parents) could stand to see this, oh, about once a week... Thank you again... You're a great mommy!!! :)

bmg said...

I love this. Fantastic and powerful message. Thanks for posting it.


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