Friday, November 23, 2007

appalachian beauty

Joe the Brit calls me his Appalachian beauty as he thinks I from the sticks.
I am . Logan, Ohio. A little town in southeastern Ohio where we had "fair days" and "hunting days" off school. Today I live up to name as I had to trade in my Subaru Outback for a new giant truck for the business. Outback had blown a head gasket and I could not pour anymore money into it even though I loved it so...
The truck is kind farmers, contractors, and country folk drive. Big ass truck. The kind that the whole family and a blue tick hound can fit in nicely. I now will drive the old work truck as my car. I am laughing as I think about me and the kids rolling up to play dates and the museum in the work truck. We will be smashed in and a bit country. All kidding aside...the truck is awesome and I am happy for Joe. For me, not so much..but happy for Joe.
In honor of the two pick up family day I shall play Merele Haggard, Ronnie Milsap, and Wayland Jennings all day long.


Momo Fali said...

One of my best friend's is from Logan. She didn't own a bike until she was in high school because of all the hills.

Stephen said...

Until the head gasket, was it pretty reliable? I haven't heard good or bad about Subarus from actual owners, so I was hesitant to get one. I've been eying the WRX Impreza for quite some time.


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