Wednesday, November 14, 2007

About to have a closer relationship with the postman

I have a multitude of holiday stuff to get rolling on. I am supposed to have UK gifts for Joe's family out in the mail next week and begin my handmade holiday craft extravaganza today. I am making a bunch of cool BEND THE RULES projects for folks and also creating my own version of the slingshot planner for some chicks I love. I have at least 14 parcels to mail in the next 4 weeks. I love the holidays, but they are starting to roll faster and faster and Finn wants a Father Christmas world in his room and twinkling lights and other such monstrosities. We also have to decide on who is getting angel kissed this year (We play a lil secret cheer up Santa on Christmas eve to someone we think needs it...) and decide on what the boys are getting for the holidays. I have lofty goals of a gingerbread house. But first I must go buy some beer and control myself from writhing on the floor in pleasure about tonight's Project Runway premiere.

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Avery Gray said...

I've never watched Project Runway, but I've heard it's a hoot! I might have to start TiVoing it.

You are one busy lady!

Lisa said...

hey amy! hope all is well in woooooorthington. things are quiet here in the 'hood (except for the homeless guy living in the empty garage next door). btw, i HAD to order the slingshot organizer you posted. freakin awesome.

i can't find your email address, but wanted to see if you guys want to do dinner sometime before the holidays... i'm thinking northstar? i'm feinding a veggie burger something awful, and i'd love to see the whole bunch of you... hit me up -


ps manny says whaddup :)

Momo Fali said...

NO!!! I am in holiday denial. Can't even let it enter my brain. I'm WAY too busy right now, and WAY to stressed out.

SusieJ said...

I'm getting stressed out reading this! Hey, lists, deep breaths, and You have to let some things go. ..
Have fun -- no stress. Your kids want you more thany anything.

Amy Turn Sharp said...

Seriously- I need someone to hit me over the head and tell me to relax sometimes...I think it results from my mother who was and is HOLIDAY SUPERHERO....I have already shelved some ideas and decided that I will not freak out about everything being on time :) Sometimes, with the house under rehab and it a total wreck..I can try and control other things :)


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